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Enhance the Experience with Thai Kitchen from McCormick’s Canada

Introduce the unexpected and turn the ordinary dish into phenomenal, delighting your customers and making them come back again.  Thai Kitchen is made in Thailand for its authentic flavours and is backed by McCormick’s high standards of quality and food safety.  These products are also gluten free and contain no artificial colours/flavours. 
With Thai Kitchen’s selection of authentic, easy-to-use Thai ingredients it is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.  Nationally recognized as Canada’s #1 Thai Brand.

Clubhouse Table Top Grinders – A new twist on an old classic!

Customers trust the quality of the #1 spice brand in Canada and now they can enjoy freshly ground flavour every time.  The new table top grinders are the perfect way to save time, labour expenditure and reduce contamination.  The grinders are produced in durable glass bottles and have 3 different grind settings.  Available flavours are Black Peppercorn, Sea Salts, Lemon & Pepper, Italian Herb and Peppercorn Medley.

Yoplait Whole Milk Yogurt

Yoplait Whole Milk yogurt has all the goodness of whole milk along with deliciously thick and creamy texture.   This product is gelatin free, particulate free and no added flavours or colours.  Available in the following 3 skus:
1.  Strawberry/Raspberry/Blueberry/Peach
2.  Vanilla/Strawberry/Cherry
3.  Mango/Coconut/Blackberry/Vanilla